Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Adonis Program: My Review

I had been procrastinating for several months regarding diet and exercise. I was eating too much junk food and drinking to much beer--both were starting to show. I was a shadow of my former lean and powerful self. This decline had been a gradual slope for the past few years. I was just really busy with work and hadn't taken the time to take care of myself physically.

I decided that it was time to stop making lame excuses and get my rear end in gear. I started looking for fitness programs online to see if any of them were worth the money. I found some really good ones as well as some scams. What was important to me was finding one that helped me reach my individual goals. I wasn't interested in becoming a massive 300 lb. meathead. I wanted more of a fitness model type look--like the guys you see on Men's Health.

I decided that a program called the Adonis Golden Ratio was the best for me. I've been really pleased with it and I'll share some of my observations with you--a review of sorts.

One thing I liked about this program is that it was/is cost effective. I was already paying for a gym membership and I didn't see much sense in shelling out the big bucks for a personal trainer. The information contained in the workout guide gave me everything I needed in terms of training.

I also really liked the calculator that was included with this program. I could put my height and waist measurement into it and get a plan that was suited (customized) for my needs. The Adonis program showed me how to set up both my nutrition and training. This produced the exact results that I had hoped for.

I don't want to give you the impression that this transformation has been easy. The workouts were intense--especially for a former couch potato like myself. But I think following the diet was even more difficult. I wasn't used to eating healthy--much less tracking my calories. I had to be much more deliberate in terms of what I ate.

But all the challenges have been 100% worth it. I have lost fat and my waist is the same size it was back in my early college days. I've built some muscle and my energy level has improved greatly compared to where it was before.

I'm very thankful for this program that John Barban has put together. I'm not sure I'd be where I am right now without it. I'm not saying it is the only good program out there but it sure helped me.

If you're interested in reading a more complete review you can check out this link below. This guy seems to be pretty honest and fair in his evaluations: